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All Warehouses has facilitated in finding/ selling hundreds of Warehouse on Sale in Chennai and adjoining areas.

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All Warehouses have facilitated in finding/ selling hundreds of Warehouse on Sale in Chennai and adjoining areas. We are closely associated with all our clients in Marketing their Industrial Warehouse properties and help them in deciding the most appropriate price as per the market demand, Features and specification at the Warehouse, Size, Location, Budget etc. We make sure the deal is right & ethical and a win-win situation is created for both the parties.

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Pre-leased sheds are sold on a ROI basis that could yield 9-10% returns. These rentals with long lock-ins by Grade A clients give assured income for a lifetime to such owners. These buys of income generating assets are also sold on strata sales in multiples of Rs 25 lakhs to several crores and offer appreciation apart from regular fixed returns. These units are traceable in the market and are part of large Industrial Parks that offer all infrastructure to their clientele

The Covid-19 Pandemic has surged the demand for E-commerce products, which in turn has boosted the need to have more and more fulfillment centers, Storage spaces across the length and width of the cities. The continued transition from brick and mortar space to e-commerce has led to a substantial increase in the demand for different types of Warehouses for Sale, Rent, Lease etc. Moreover, a growing number of MNC’s are looking towards developing counterparts for setting up production & distribution centers in lieu of cost cutting, saving on taxes

All Warehouses has a strong foot in this Industry and can vouch for the genuineness of Warehouse on Sale as also the parties and their offerings. We market properties which we are ourselves very sure of (after a thorough self- inspection) and in lieu of making sure the Warehouse on Sale offers great value in terms of money and has potential for future growth, appreciation and demand and that ROI based sales are in line with land and building valuations.

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