Property Management Services

All Warehouses is the best Industrial Real Estate Services Company that works across (PAN) India having some end in LEASING (Rentals) and SALE of Industrial Real Estate including Warehouses, Godowns, Factories, Sheds, Cold Storage’s, LAND, BUILT TO SUIT (BTS) properties, Income (Rent) Yielding Assets (ROI/Preleased) and Vendor the board (PMC and PES).

We at All Warehouses handle the stand-took out necessities of clients needing to set up Factories/Industries/Manufacturing Facility any spot in India. We offer changed manages the necessities of the client and diagrams start to finish co-framework and fulfillment.

We have more than 90% of the whole market stock recorded with us, making us absolutely the most clear aggregator of Industrial Real Estate that joins Warehouses/Godowns/Sheds/Cold Storage Facilities/LAND/BTS, and so on and an in all cases resource for your area necessities.

About our Property Management Services

All Warehouses offer property management services for Industrial properties. The services include:

1. Rental management: We follow up on the tenant and ensure that monthly rents are deposited in the landlords account on the due date every month. GST payments and returns are followed up and so are TDS deductions and credits

2. Tenant management: The key to a property yielding regular returns and good maintenance is proper tenant management. All Warehouses ensure TENANT SATISFACTION and thereby long term tenancies and lower vacancy time in your property.

3. Monitoring: Inspections of your property are regularly done to ensure that everything is proper and in order. Photographs of the property are taken with the tenant permission and common areas are checked to avoid encroachments and unauthorized use or occupancy. Damages are looked for and addressed in time

4. Repairs: As part of tenant satisfaction, All Warehouses ensures that repairs to the building are carried out as soon as possible as and when required. The team ensures that the owner and the tenant can relax with peace of mind as our team takes care of the same. Depending the damage and the reasons, the bill will be borne by either the tenant or the landlord

5. Maintenance: Property Maintenance checks are made regularly and whatever is required to be attended to, will be done by ALL Warehouses

6. Documentation: We assist in necessary documentation for all processes from leasing to hand over of possession and all the process of property management as well. When needed legal title is updated as well

7. Taxes, Insurance, CAM: All Warehouses ensures that government taxes and dues, bills, common area maintenance charges, insurance  and other mandatory dues and followed up by All Warehouses

We handle this for a very reasonable annual fee
Contact All Warehouses to manage your tenant and everything else related to your property and enjoy bliss.

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