As part of our customer centric focus, when a new client approaches us, we can offer all of the following end to end services or just a few that the client requires:

Location Advisory

  • Understanding of the overall Business Plan
  • Type of Industry / Detailed Requirement
  • Finished product supply points
  • Sources for: Raw Material, Suppliers, Customers, Market, Export, Transport
  • Labour – Skilled, Semi and Unskilled
  • Approvals – Zoning and NOCs – where and how possible
  • Site Levels, Soil Types and Projects cost estimates
  • Power Availability
  • Accessibility
  • Allotment from Government Departments or Private property
  • Enabling Funding
  • Planning for Future expansion

Acquire Land

  • Identify based on the above
  • Negotiate pricing and terms
  • Diligence – Legal, Financial, Approval, Documentation & Co-ordination
  • Acquisition process
  • Filling and optimizing for development
  • Leasehold/ Freehold / Transfer of Rights
  • Land Purchase / Leasehold Land
  • Plan Storage, Parking & Future Expansion
  • Government Allotments including NOCs (No Objection Certificates)

Design, Planning & Approvals

  • Finding the right architect/ liaison agent/ PMC or PES Consultant
  • Incorporating Vaasthu factors if required
  • Understanding Water Availability & type
  • Toilets, Rest spaces, Dining, Statutory, ETP/STP, Sewage, Pollution Norms (NoC)
  • Incorporating customized specifications
  • Approval Norms, Setback Norms, Ground Coverage, Parking Required, Ramps etc
  • NoC’s- Pollution, PWD, Fire, AAI, Environment, Single Window Clearance, Inspection of Factories
  • Specification Vents, Bays, Spacing, STP, Sumps, Fire & Hydrant, Electrical, Ventilators & Flooring

Enabling Development& Sourcing Contractors / Vendors

Post Approval & NoC Process identifying vendors for

  • Site Filling
  • Civil & Flooring
  • Shed Fabrication and Erection
  • Electrical
  • EOT cranes
  • Plumbing & Water
  • MEP
  • PMC/ PES
  • Fire, Hydrant and extinguishers
  • Ventilators, Shutters, Dock levellers,
  • Miscellaneous Material Suppliers and contractors


  • Factories (Manufacturing)/ Industrial
  • Storage spaces, sheds, Godowns & Warehousing
  • 3PL/ 4PL/ 5PL Operators
  • Long Term, Short Term, Temporary Storage
  • Importers / exporters
  • Distribution centres, Sorting, Fulfilment centres
  • Supply chain Managers
  • Cold Storage
  • Open Yards, Parking
  • CFS, ICD, FWZ, Dry Ports, transit, RMC
  • Scrap Yards
  • Arranging Clients for specific needs / purpose – BTS (Built to Suit Requirement)

Funding / Exits

  • Removing Emotional value of Property to Maximum returns
  • Bringing in Investors / partners/ Equity Participants or Funders on Debt
  • Flipping Properties / Private Equity Partners
  • Investing Partners at Land Identification Stage