Kolkata was known as East India Company’s trading post, it was India’s capital under the British Raj from 1773–1911. Today it’s known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries and cultural festivals. 

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The demand for Warehouse in Kolkata is ever increasing owing to it being the birthplace of many industrial units operated by large public- and private-sector corporations. The major sectors boosting trade in Kolkata include steel, heavy engineering, electronics, textiles, and jute. The e-commerce and manufacturing sectors are driving demand for warehousing in Kolkata. All warehouses guide e-commerce and manufacturing companies in finding the best warehouse with better facilities for rent/sale/lease in Kolkata.

All Warehouses guide the top e-commerce and trading companies in finding warehouses with the best infrastructure in Kolkata. We provide various options for customising your Warehouse in Kolkata based on your goals and needs. Our team understands the requirement for a warehouse for distribution, timely dispatch and for attaining peaks with customer satisfaction. We are here to provide guidance in locating out the best warehouse spots in Kolkata.

With the advent of globalisation and The “Make in India” initiative, companies are in desire to set up their offices in capital cities like Kolkata. All Warehouses understand the unique requirements of national and international clients, offer services as per the requirements of the client till they are 100% Satisfied.

The locations that we operate in Kolkata are:

Sno.Major Warehouse Clusters Distance (kms) Time(mins)Rental (Rs) / SftLand (Crs/ acre)
1 National Highway 2 - Delhi Road & Old Delhi Road37-54 60-9025 to 14 3.50 to 1.50
2 NH-19 Durgapur Expressway37-54 60-9025 to 13 2.75 to 1.50
3Santragachi, Howrah, Hooghly15-10040-12030 to 125 to 1.25
4 Panagarh, Burdwan, Durgapur & Asansol150 - 215180-28010 to 151.00 to 1.75
5 NH 16 - (Old NH-6) - Mumbai Road - Chamrail, Dhulagarh, Sankrail, Uluberia30-5050-9018 to 122.50 to 1.75
6 Hide Road, Taratala Road, Maheshtala & Garden Reach Road9-1130-3725 to 186 to 2.50
7 Ganganagar,Madhyamgram, Barasat, Kalyani25-5050-9025 to 149 to 2.50
8 BT Road, Agarpara, Titagarh20- 3550-90 25 to 1412 to 6


  • Remark: Land Rates on the main Hi-way shown are based on distance & time given, may vary for less distance and time.
  • Rates can increase/ decrease upon the frontage, depth, nature of the land, overhead wire, pond and other paraphernalia.
  • Rates will be lower for By-road other than Main Hi-way, depends on road width in front of Land.

Sectors having Key Demand for Industrial space and  Warehouse in Kolkata are:

  • Steel
  • Heavy Industries
  • Mining
  • Minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • Textiles


Top Companies in Kolkata are

  • Century Plyboards
  • Phillips Carbon Black
  • Hindustan Copper
  • The Tinplate Company Of India
  • Usha Martin
  • Electrosteel Castings
  • Eveready Industries India
  • Britannia Industries


Top Warehouse Developers

  • Allcargo Logistics
  • Embassy
  • Indospace

As a combined portfolio for Warehouse in kolkata, we deal in:

WAREHOUSE IN KOLKATA Warehouse in Kolkata 1

We also cater to the below destinations through our Kolkata office.

Why do clients approach All Warehouses specifically for their warehouse need in Kolkata?

  • Proximity to market

    Kolkata is certified as the best spot for shopping in the city. Finding a Warehouse at Kolkata helps to keep up that all needful clients are benefited. We at All warehouses help in locating warehouse spots in Kolkata that directly influence peak sales.

  • Hassle free documentation

    We complete the buying, selling or leasing procedures with less paper works. All the requirements are met without any trouble or bother to our clients. We give utmost importance to our clients and their valuable time.

  • Cold storage facilities

    We optimise cold storage warehouses at Kolkata. We especially provide such facilities to save the business goods that are perishable and sensitive. This indeed ensures the right temperature maintenance throughout the trip, 24x7.

  • Conveniently located

    Kolkata is famous for the availability of goods at lower price owing to its proximity to all the major ports around the globe and is also known for its oldest wholesale markets. Thus by understanding the necessity of setting up more warehouses in Kolkata, We at All Warehouses guide the clients in finding apt warehouses with best facilities.

  • Spacious

    We provide Warehouses with adequate spacing for parking facilities, required spacing is ensured in and around the warehouses for storage of goods. We give assurance that the clients have full access to the warehouses without any hindrances in warehouse spacing.

What people say about All Warehouses?

All Warehouses by Chattels Realty is a team of professional people who provide professional service.
Rajiv Sampat
Samson Lighting
Professional in the way they approach and manage clients. Good job team AllWarehouses by Chattels Realty
Sunoop Balaraman
Very professional and committed team. Would recommend them without hesitation
Suneil Chawla
Social Beat


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