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Land for Sale in Chennai?

We all know that Chennai is the most prominent destination in the Southern part of the country for any trade and industry related activities. Thus, finding a strategically located Land for Sale in Chennai adds great value to your wealth. 

Land for sale in Chennai


Chennai is witnessing unprecedented advancements in the industrial sector as more and more national and multinational businesses are looking to establish their presence in this rapidly developing, economically rich city. The government is working solemnly to best leverage this industrial boom and is making necessary improvements and augmentations in infrastructure as well as legislation to make conditions more favourable for industrial organizations to operate seamlessly. 

Some major industries that have seen growth in a breakneck pace in the city and are expected to grow further in the coming times are, automobile, electronic hardware, software services, Medical tourism, Petrochemicals and textiles among many others. 

All Warehouses through its associate companies Chattels Realty & RealtyServe have acquired land for sale in Chennai & PAN India for several developers, investors and industries. The prominent clients include Brigade Group, Sattva Salarpuria, Merlin group, Nash Industries, L&T etc 

We, at All Warehouses have close connections with some of the most renowned realty companies and real estate agents which has enabled us to acquire lands for sale for some of the most esteemed names in automobile, pharmaceutical and textile industries. 

Industrial land acquisition is the most difficult aspect of real estate. This is why, you should only trust a certified and reputed real estate company like us for covering every facet of land acquisition holistically so that you can have a desirable land for establishing your business facility. We will help you at every stage starting from identifying a suitable location through to getting approval for your land and adding value to it. 

Land being the basic raw material in real estate is also the toughest vertical of real estate to operate. From identifying the location, to selecting the property, to understanding the potential, conducting legal and approval due diligence, making the land ready for approval and further to add value, All Warehouses by it’s vast experience is your best partner if you are looking to buy Industrial land for sale in Chennai, DelhiNCR, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. 

Industrial land in Chennai is a very deep subject and requires a tremendous amount of understanding of local laws, rules and regulations and acts. Let us approach lands in the below manner:

  1. Legal diligence: land legal diligence goes by title diligence and revenue diligence. Title diligence ensures ownership of land and revenue ensures possession and payment of taxation
  2. Jurisdiction for plan sanctions and approvals: CMDA and DTCP are the two main authorities that handle approvals for land transactions and the DCR/ CBR – (development control rules/ Common building rules) is to be followed
  3. Zoning and Conversion: Land require to be in the right zoning to enable development and conversion may be needed and restriction could be imposed on conversions in some areas
  4. Dry land and Wet land is the bone of contention for unclassified areas and NoC is needed from the Collector for wet lands 

Therefore it is imperative that you engage a good well renowned and knowledgeable property consultant like All Warehouse for your industrial land purchase in Chennai and around. They know all rules and regulations and will enable you to get the best industrial land in Chennai.

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We can assist you in getting an industrial land that has appropriate zoning, wide frontage, adequate road width, maximum FSI and best price. If you are looking for an industrial land for sale in Chennai, get in touch with our experts now to evaluate the best options for you. 

We are your ideal partners when it comes to acquiring industrial land for sale in Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Banglore or any other city in India.  We have years of experience rendering real estate services to clients from various industries. Talk to our experts now to explore the finest options for you!

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