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With major infrastructural developments in the district in recent past, there has been a substantial growth in small and medium scale Industries in Chennai. This has led to setting up a growing number of manufacturing bases across different Industrial Park in the city.

Industrial park for sale in chennai


Chennai is fast becoming the hub of manufacturing base of numerous MNCs from Japan, U.S.A, South Korea, China & Europe.  This in turn flourishes sub-industries like contract manufacturing for Auto ancillary, Electronic hardware production and other manufacturing sections which support the primary ones.

Due to its strategic location and connectivity to the ports, good infrastructure, skilled work-force, Chennai is the hub of Industrial activities for South India. 

Industrial Park for Sale in Chennai

Major Industrial Parks in Chennai

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For comprehensive list of All Industrial Parks in Chennai, refer this Resource. 

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We follow a comprehensive check of the Industrial park with our Experts and after thorough scrutiny proceed with the marketing & sales assistance to our clients. Our clients are among the top industrialists of India.

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