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3pl warehouse in chennai

All Warehouses provides its expert leasing and rental services to all its clients. Some clients who look for additional services beyond just rentals are also well serviced through the exclusive tie-ups with several local 3PL experts PAN India.

All services are offered by these expert operators of 3PL Warehouse in Chennai & beyond  and such enquiries too are handled by All Warehouses. We also work for the Warehousing needs of 4PL and 5 PL companies to get Warehouses based on their exact needs.

Third-Party Logistics abbreviated as TPL or 3PL is an organization’s use of third-party businesses to outsource works like distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services. Outsourcing of the 3PL logistics function is a business dynamic of growing importance all over the world. Needs of  3PL Warehouse in Chennai are proportionately increasing parallelly.

3PL is a Supply Chain Model that involves three parties i.e.: Business, Logistics Provider, and Carrier. A 3PL Company acts as an intermediary between the other two parties.

Some Services offered by 3PL Providers





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Freight forwarding

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Inventory management & Invoicing

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Handling, loading & unloading, Packaging & repackaging

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Why Choose 3PL?

All Warehouses has a Strong base of Customers with 3pl, 4pl & 5pl providers offering 3PL Warehouse in Chennai & other cities

Why All Warehouses for 3pl warehouse in Chennai for needs of Third Party Logistics Providers

  • Expert Advice
  • Localized Knowledge 
  • Large Pool of Advanced Warehouses to choose from
  • PAN India Presence 
  • Specialized in Dealing in Large Warehouses 
  • One-Stop shop – all available options
  • Speed / Quick response time
  • Dealing in just this one segment of real estate

If you wish to see the list of Top 3PL Companies in Chennai, you can refer to this Resource. 


All Warehouses is the largest aggregator of 3PL Warehouses in Chennai and other Metro cities across India. 


What people say...

We would like to thank you for helping us find a commercial place in OMR, Chennai. You were pleasant, professional and had a great deal of understanding towards our requirement. Your perseverance, advice on multiple micro markets, negotiation and assistance until registration should be commended. Simply put, what the IPCs could not, AllWarehouses by Chattels Realty did! I most definitely recommend AllWarehouses by Chattels Realty to anyone wanting to engage with an efficient and enthusiastic team of professionals. They helped us find the best warehouse in Chennai meeting our exact requirement.

V Sankaran

The service we received from the company was exceptional! We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process. All Warehouses by Chattels Realty team’s experience and patience served us well. Their local market knowledge is invaluable and their relationships in the community allowed us to identify the storage space in Chennai before it was on the market. All Warehouses by Chattels Realty team are true professionals. Also, would be happy to recommend them for any services related to real estate.

Pradeep Gadhiya

Very Professional property consultants, we had approached them for our requirement and they got it done with ease.

Sathish Umapathy

Very very professional approach.  Will stay with you till the last job is completed.  Never experienced anyone providing better services. Thanks AllWarehouses by Chattels Realty

Shantilal Khabiya

Very professional and committed team. Would recommend them without hesitation

Suneil Chawla

The consultants have shown an enormous amount of maturity while dealing with the situation, so as to ensure that both the Landowners and the Builders are at a win-win situation and took very active/supportive role in clearing the issues on both the sides and ensured that the deal went through very smoothly, with both the parties felt that they have won & totally satisfied.

V Anantha Narayanan

We are extremely satisfied in the manner in which you have taken care of the legal and statutory work and in identifying the most suitable site for our production operations.

Sandeep Wadhwa

All Warehouses by Chattels Realty is a team of professional people who provide professional service.

Rajiv Sampat

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